About Us

Life is a continuing quest for perfection - an ongoing need for reinvention, reassessment and improvement. This has never been truer than when it comes to our own bodies, and our need for confidence and physical well-being.

For the past ten years, we have been preoccupied with one key question: how can we consistently provide safe, high quality, well-made and reliable products to men worldwide?

A Revolution in Men’s Physical and Sexual Health

Through a series of innovations and mountains of research, this question has led to the invention of the Xerciser.

This is a new and revolutionary product, which is currently helping men across the globe reassess their attitudes towards health and fitness, and achieving the body image and self confidence they deserve.

Game Changing Innovation

In regards to current success, the figures speak for themselves: over five hundred thousand products sold dedicated customers and ardent, vocal fans from all walks of life. If you are somebody who cares about their body, their physical and sexual well-being, and reaching new peaks of confidence and fitness, perhaps it’s time you joined them.

We’ve shipped our product to no less than seventy countries, received industry awards for innovation and design, and have global patents on our products. We are constantly pushing boundaries, opening minds, and rewriting the rulebook.

Trailblazing New Concepts For Men’s Fitness

The Xerciser comes from a legacy of high quality, innovative and tried-and-tested, certified effective products. Made in the UK, utilising groundbreaking designs and durable materials, this is a product for the 21st century man who accepts nothing but the best.

Thanks to a flawless track record, a series of devices which are constantly blazing new trails in the men’s health industry, and the simple idea that men should be taking care of their penis with the same attention they’re giving the rest of their body, the Xerciser is set to make some serious waves. Ready to find out more, and join the revolution?