Path to optimal sexual fitness

Path to optimal sexual fitness

Ageing & Erections

ALL men, gradually have a reduction in penile oxygenation and production of nitric oxide as they age. Normal healthy males have three to five nocturnal erections per night during which arterial oxygen is supplied to the erectile tissue and helps maintain penile structural health. Ageing affects this function and studies show that the frequency and duration of NPT decreases progressively with age!

Penis Health

The penis is flaccid 99% of the time. During that time the tissues build up various toxins. By using the Xersizer you get a gradual expansion of those vascular channels. Flush out toxins that have accumulated over the course of a day, and you actually start to gently stretch the tissue around the vascular channels, increasing length and girth.

Training with Xersizer

Xersizer has been demonstrated to significantly increase penile blood flow, boost oxygenation and nitric oxide synthesis, therefore maintaining healthy structural penile integrity. The boost in oxygenated arterial blood into the penile tissue helps maintain a healthy corporal blood system and reduces toxins in the tissues.

  • "Adding Xersizer into their daily routine.. keeps it functioning properly even as they get older”

    Dr Paul Gittens
    Board Certified Urologist

  • “Using a hydropumps gives the user a healthy erection and promotes excellent corporal health.”

    Dr Gary Gonzales
    Medical Doctor

  • “By using an Xersizer pump after physical activity the penis will quickly become erect drawing nutrient rich oxygenated blood into the penis.”

    Lee Freeman
    Personal Trainer

  • “Regular use of a hydro pump improves confidence both in and out of the bedroom.”

    Mel MacFarlane
    Sexologist Msc Sexual Health

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  • 1. Prep

    Warm up in a shower or bath. Fill Xersizer with warm water.

  • 2. Pump

    Insert your flaccid penis and hold against the body. Press towards your body (or squeeze handball) a few times to create a vacuum.

  • 3. Repeat

    After 3 minutes, release Xersizer. Massage your penis for 2 minutes. Refill and repeat the cycle 2 more times.

Good Circulation Equals Good Health

Xersizer draws nutrient rich oxygenated blood into the penis,  mimicking nocturnal erections, this means that the penis is kept in optimal health.

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  • While erectile problems are more common in older men, it is not just an inevitable part of aging. About 40% of men experience erectile unpredictability before the age of 40.

  • Men who are physically active and maintain a healthy weight are less likely to suffer from erectile problems. Regular exercise, particularly aerobic exercise, is effective in improving erectile function.

  • About 80% of erectile problems are due to vascular causes. Conditions like atherosclerosis (hardening of the arteries) can impede blood flow needed for an erection.

  • Stress, performance anxiety and relationship issues can all contribute to erection troubles. In younger men, psychological factors are often a major cause.

  • Poor lifestyle choices, lack of exercise, and poor diet can all contribute to erection problems. These factors affect cardiovascular health, which is closely tied to erectile function.

  • While regular exercise is beneficial, long-term cycling is sometimes associated with erectile problems due to pressure on the perineum, which can affect blood flow and nerve function in the pelvic area.

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  • Prime tissue health

    By restoring maximum blood flow to the penis, the tissue regains access to the blood supply it needs.

  • Boost blood flow

    Over time, vessels can be 'trained' to hold more blood, resulting in bigger, harder, longer lasting erections.

  • Reduce toxins

    The boost in oxygenated arterial blood helps maintain a healthy corporal system and reduces toxins in the tissues.