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Absolutely. Xersizer delivers real results across the board, helping users around the world make a very real improvement for power, confidence, stamina and more. In a recent study, Xersizer penis pumps picked up a fantastic 88% satisfaction rate* amongst those who’d used their pumps for over a month, while our million-plus sales simply wouldn’t exist if our product didn’t work. *Some survey participants may have received free or discounted products for their participation.
Completely. We take the safety of our customers very seriously at Xersizer, and as part of this, we manufacture and test all our pumps to ensure that an unsafe level of pressure can never be created within the pump. With the pump units themselves undergoing an extensive range of impact tests, even surviving being run over by a car, you can also be sure of solid, long-lasting performance, backed up with a full 2-year warranty to protect your investment.
To get the very best results when you use your Xersizer, we recommend exercising for 10-15 minutes per day. We suggest that you use Xersizer for 5 minutes at a time during your exercise session to see the best possible results.
Xersizer needs to be filled with water to have the best effect, making it ideal for use in the shower or bath. If this isn’t possible, you can get great results by using your Xersizer with water from a sink.
In two words - real results. Using a unique water-based system, Xersizer lets users achieve maximum comfort and pressure, generating real, satisfying improvements. With over 1 million units sold worldwide, Xersizer really is the world’s favourite penis pump for a very good reason.
While our 88% satisfaction rate* (after a month of use) means that you can expect real changes when using your Xersizer, results do vary based on the individual: current penis size, your blood circulation, the amount you use Xersizer, and whether you supplement your routine with jelqing all play key roles in determining how successful you are with Xersizer. For an idea of the sort of gains you can expect, head over to our Xersizer Videos section for some before and after demonstrations of the world’s best penis pump’s effects. *Some survey participants may have received free or discounted products for their participation.
We believe in supporting everyone with Xersizer, so we offer pumps for all penis sizes. There’s no strict minimum size for using Xersizer, but we’d recommend starting out with a jelqing routine if you’re below 3 inches. On the other side of things, we offer the world’s largest penis pump, helping users up to 11 inches in length achieve harder erections.

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