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Xersizer VIP Bundle

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Xersizer VIP Bundle

Perfect if you’re a first-time user, the Xersizer offers real value for money and lasting gains. Creating a moderate level of pressure, Xersizer is a great addition to your workout routine. The VIP bundle contains everything you need to get the most from your Xersizer.


Xersizer Pump

Shower Strap

Body Groomer

Cleaning Kit

60 Day Money Back

Free Delivery

Erect size
Comfort insert
Handball pump
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60 day no questions asked guarantee
Over 1 million happy customers worldwide
Meets global medical device manufacturing standards and quality customer service.
FDA registered to adhere to the highest safety and quality requirements for medical devices
Assessed to meet high safety, health and environmental protection requirments.
  • 1. Prep

    While you warm up you can ready the pump by ensuring the valve is set to the closed position. On the Xersizer 7, compress the black pip while filling. On the Xersizer Pro and Pro Xpert Editions, click the black pip to either side. Remove the comfort insert.

  • 2. Pump

    Insert the flaccid penis and press against the body to create a comfortable seal ensuring your testicles are below the seal. Once the pump is seated correctly, flick the black value pip to the centre and gently pump. Continue pumping until you reach maximum comfortable & safe pressure.

  • 3. Repeat

    After 3 minutes press down the clear valve cap at the end of the pump to release the pump. Form an ok grip and gently slide the grip from the base of the penis along the shaft, stopping at the glans. Repeat this for 2 minutes to allow the penis to relax. Refill and repeat 2 more times.


Xersizer is proud to champion the inclusion of penile health as part of every man's fitness regimen–almost as proud as we are of the overwhelming support we’ve received for our products from men just like you...

Progressing Nicely

I'm not a big reviewer but I have to give credit where it's due. I bought this product because it made sense to me to work all the "muscles" in our bodies and the concept of increasing blood flow resonated...I've seen results in terms of morning erections, longer erections and confidence; I'm hooked!Give it a try guys.


I used the HydroXtreme for a week before I showed my wife the results, I walked into our room after my shower and dropped my towel. When she looked up her eyes got huge and she got a big smile, this was while I was still flaccid, the look got way better once I became erect.Needless to say, the sex was/is amazing!


Your questions, answered.


Your questions, answered.

What Results Can I Expect?

Xersizer is engineered to improve sexual performance. Users report improved erection strength, predicatability and overall confidence. Some users even report noticable size gains. Similar to gym workouts, results vary between individual users and frequency of use.

Xersizer Challenge: Try Risk-Free

Take the Xersizer Challenge - experience the difference with improved sexual performance within 60 days - or receive a 100% full-money guarantee, no questions asked! Applies to all Xersizer hydropumps.

What Size does Pro X work for?

Xersizer Pro X hydropumps are engineered to fit the size of user, between 3 and 9 inches in length when erect.

How long do gains last?

Gains vary based on use. After a pump session, you'll see major temporary gains, right from the beginning. These typically fade quickly, with longer-lasting gains requiring regular workouts - just like any other kind of exercise.

Are there any side effects?

In short, no. Xersizer is engineered to be the most safe and effective hydropump on the market. All our hydropumps adhere to the maximum body safe pressure of 0.56 bar. The only side effect is users may experience noticable difference in length and girth due to expansion of blood vessels. As always, read the instructions before use and consult your medical practitioner before purchase if you suffer from a condition that effects the function of the penile area.

Is Shipping Free?

Yes. When you buy a Xersizer hydropump you qualify for free shipping, wherever you're located. If you'd like faster delivery for your Xersizer, we offer expedited shipping at checkout.